Taking Pride in our Corporate Culture

November 30, 2016 / in by Mindy McIntire

As a customer or employee, you probably never think about corporate culture and how it affects you. Many business owners work hard every day to improve their corporate culture to maximize the growth of their company. But the concept is still somewhat an enigma.

 According to the Business News Daily, Punit Renjen, chairman of the board at Deloitte Research, tries to explain: "Organizations that have a culture of purpose focus on delivering meaningful impact for all their stakeholders — customers, employees and communities," are most successful. He adds, "Many businesses have made great strides to strengthen their role as corporate citizens. However, our survey suggests that there is still so much more work to do, and that could have a positive long-term impact for companies that do so."

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Protecting Your Investment

November 02, 2016 / in VCI Technology, Protective Covers / by Mindy McIntire

One of the biggest challenges in storage and transportation is protecting your equipment from damage by the elements. Whether you’re hauling a load of new vehicles or keeping your generator dry and running, you need an effective cover to protect your property. One of the most popular solutions is shrink wrap. While shrink wrap certainly has its place in the market and is useful for one-time applications, some manufacturers need a different option.

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Protect Your Heavy Equipment from Ultraviolet Rays

October 20, 2016 / in UV Rays, protection from UV Rays / by Mindy McIntire

The damaging effect of ultraviolet rays on human beings is well known. People who get too much direct exposure to the sun can develop such maladies as skin cancer, premature wrinkling, and eye damage, just to name a few. But people can generally find shelter out of the sun when it gets too hot. But consider expensive heavy equipment that can’t be stored in a shelter. Repeated exposure to UV rays will cause damage to heavy equipment that goes beyond the merely cosmetic. In fact, excessive UV rays can cause damage that could make the equipment non-functional.

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TranSCAN® captures object in 3D to provide a perfect cover fit

September 28, 2016 / in News / by Matt Peat

3D modeling has had a major impact on the economy since its inception. From 3D PET scans to visually mapped building plans and roadway designs, this ever-improving technology has proven to be a key factor in the advancement of medicine, construction, and many other industries.

So we asked ourselves, why can’t we apply this same technology to our work at Transhield? Our engineers are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve our transportation cover materials and installation process. Incorporating 3D modeling technology has offered one more way to improve our product.

High-volume manufacturers are increasingly requesting more complex transport covers with features such as multiple access points and windows that must be able to withstand increased shipping distances. At Transhield, we have developed our own patented anti-corrosion material to create customized transportation covers in mass quantities that protect assets from harsh environments better than any of our competitors. Now, thanks to our latest TranSCAN® technology, our covers provide the most accurate fit, too.

Transhield covers are handmade and usually patterned by hand as well. Hand patterning is effective, but sometimes either extremely large or complex items require the 3D modeling capabilities of TranSCAN. TranSCAN creates a virtual 3D image from which we can create a virtual cover. The imaging process can be done on site. It is fast and non-intrusive, capturing only the data we need to create our covers. From there, the virtual covers are flattened to a 2D format for patterning and plotting. The entire order is then crafted from our proprietary, super durable fabric that, in some cases, shrinks to create a snug and stable fit.

Eliminating the need for hand measurements and applying a fit-for-purpose software, TranSCAN greatly reduces the time required to design a transportation cover. This ability to create custom protective covers in massive quantities is unique. Along with this improvement in time efficiency is an increase in measurement accuracy to within a fraction of a millimeter, resulting in prototypes that fit the first time. Furthermore, with a 3D virtual image, we can perform airflow simulations that accurately model transportation conditions to design a cover that minimizes billowing.

High volume manufacturers and companies with large outdoor inventories are coming to us with more complex needs. With our  TranSCAN technology, we are able to meet those requirements and protect even the largest and most uniquely shaped items during transportation and storage.

Our aim is total accuracy. If a fleet is too complex to use 2D prints, we will schedule a TranSCAN session on location to capture objects in 3D. The TranSCAN process is quick, non-intrusive, and provides all the data we need to create a large volume of custom protective covers and transportation covers. Our streamlined process of data acquisition with TranSCAN, modeling, design, and delivery ensures that from concept to completion, your fleet will have the most durable, custom fit covers on the market.

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Transhield’s Past is a Story of Perseverance

September 21, 2016 / in News / by Mindy McIntire
Transhield knows not to fear setbacks and hardship. Instead, the company has learned from bumps in the road and made sure perseverance is ingrained into the fabric of its operation. When the recession hit in 2008, Transhield went through some tough times. Its leaders found any way they could just to keep going, including working with the lights off. The company’s leadership, rather than making personnel cuts, lowered their own salaries. The future of Transhield seemed perilous, but the company was no stranger to struggle. They put their heads down and worked harder than ever, heading toward what they hoped was a bright future.

From the beginning, carving out a place in the American business landscape was difficult. In 1994, a man in Elkhart, Indiana, Greg Todt, decided to shake up what everyone believed to be an established industry: shrink wrap films and traditional covers. While previous companies had wrapped boats in two different materials, Todt decided to combine the materials into one substrate, and thus, Shrinkable FabricTM and the method to protect were patented in 1994.

What Todt invented was a shrinkable plastic exterior layer and a soft, nonwoven interior layer designed to wick moisture away. Even highly sensitive automotive finishes were protected with the fabric, as well as decals, paint or gel coating. Despite this revolutionary product, Todt and the rest of Transhield knew they were facing an uphill battle.

The company fought hard to establish itself, and two years later secured a contract with Cobia Boats. Soon after, Larson Glastron became a customer and then, seeing its covers at a trade show, Sea Ray gave the young business a call. Through perseverance, this small company from Elkhart did what many believed was impossible. They made a name for themselves in an industry where no one thought they could succeed in the first place.

When the economy started to show signs of a downturn in 2008, company leadership with Jim Glick and Matt Peat at the helm, decided it was time to diversify. While Jim worked on strategies to reduce costs, Matt worked on ways to expand Transhield’s market. The industrial segment seemed the place to be. As heavy machinery , locomotives and other large industrial components were being taken out of commission, proper storage for recommission was imperative. Matt introduced Transhield into this market.

The military market was the next challenge. A competitor already controlled a majority of the market share, but the developers and designers at Transhield once again created a product they believed in, ArmorDilloTM. After seeing the deterioration caused by harsh conditions, Transhield developed a material with a soft, moisture-wicking, corrosion fighting interior but with a durable and water-resistant, non-shrinking exterior that could withstand extreme environments, from sweltering deserts to the frozen tundra. While they still have stiff competition today, Transhield now supplies covers to every branch of the military.

With these amazing successes at their backs, the team working in the dark in 2008 knew there was a brighter future ahead. Their past had instilled in them the belief that, when times are tough, you put your head down and press forward, learning from your setbacks and using that knowledge to your advantage.

And now, eight years later, the company is stronger than ever. It owns 12 international patents, offers 8 different fabrics, and the 41 employees in Elkhart are constantly designing specialty covers for clients, researching potential new products, and making strong connections with future customers and business partners. Between its two factories, Transhield produced over 155,000 covers last year. It’s safe to say the setbacks the company has experienced over the years have only served to propel them forward. After twenty years, Transhield is still at the beginning of its journey. Everyone on the team continues to work hard to engineer advanced solutions while maintaining close ties with their customers. For cover designs tailored to your exact needs, visit transhield.com.
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5 Tips to Winterize Your Boat

August 23, 2016 / in by Mindy McIntire


Fall is fast approaching and it’s time to think about closing up the lake house and getting the boat ready for winter storage. A little effort to clean and prepare for next year will not only extend the life of your boat but you’ll save yourself a lot of time and heartache come next summer. Here are five quick tips based on our experience winterizing boats.

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Protecting Your Boat: How-To Videos

July 15, 2016 / in Marine Videos / by Mindy McIntire

What do you do in inclement weather? Layer up. That’s exactly what a Transhield cover does for a boat. A waterproof, shrinkable, outer layer provides protection from rain, snow, sun, dirt, and other airborne pollutants. The middle layer is a hot olefin adhesive, and the inner layer is a soft polyester nonwoven material to protect against etching and scratching. Transhield provides advanced fabrics to protect boats and personal watercraft.

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What is a Breathable Cover?

June 20, 2016 / in Breathable Cover / by Mindy McIntire

Breathable covers support efforts to minimize corrosion by removing moisture from beneath the protective cover. Breathable covers should prevent water from getting in while allowing water vapor to escape. These two characteristics, waterproofing and moisture permeability, are mutually contradictory. So how does that work?

First, let's clarify one thing: Breathability should not be confused with wicking. We've all heard of wick-away apparel for athletes. The fabric used in these clothes works by moving water (sweat) away from the surface being protected (the body). Breathable covers do not work this way.

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Transhield Awarded Longer Contract with IBBI

May 23, 2016 / in News / by Mindy McIntire

(Elkhart, IN) – Transhield, Inc. was recently awarded a four-year contract extension by IBBI (Independent Boat Builders, Inc.) as an IBBI preferred supplier of protective covers for use during transportation and storage.

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Transhield Case Study: Responsive Customer Service

May 12, 2016 / in Case Study / by Mindy McIntire

A customer in the industrial manufacturing industry needed a quick solution in order to avoid a $3 million dollar late delivery fee on the sale of two $7 million dollar jet engines. The engines were scheduled to ship by sea to the Middle East. Corrosion forming on the engine was a major concern. If the engines arrived with corrosion on them, they could be deemed unusable by industry standards.

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