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Respecting Your Valuables: Considerations for Shipping Important Items

Shipping, on the surface, seems like a straightforward task. However, it’s a task that comes with complex issues to consider, especially when it comes to fragile or expensive equipment.

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Transhield Debuts TopCure at WOC

January 17, 2018

World of Concrete (WOC) is the largest annual international event dedicated to concrete and masonry professionals. This year’s event, held from January 22 to January 26 in Las Vegas, will have 1,500 exhibitors, and Transhield is proud to be among them!

WOC was born in Houston, Texas, in 1975 with 1,550 attendees. More than 40 years later, the event continues to grow, hosting and supporting 55,000 concrete and masonry experts. With 150 education courses and more than 1,500 exhibitors, there will be countless opportunities to engage with like-minded professionals and learn about what’s happening in the industry.

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Follow These Steps for a Worry-Free Heavy Equipment Shipping Process

January 08, 2018

Transporting heavy equipment is a uniquely intimidating task. Not only are the products you’re shipping extremely heavy, bulky, and often asymmetrical, they are most likely very valuable as well. And there are many challenges that can rapidly become overwhelming, including safety concerns and delay issues that can be frustrating for both you and the intended recipient. However, there are key preparation steps that can be taken to make the entire shipping process smoother, easier, and far less stressful.

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The Economic Impact of Corrosion

December 13, 2017

Every minute of every day, there is a war occurring at a level not visible with a microscope. It’s a battle between vulnerable—and extremely valuable—equipment and the natural elements bent on destroying the equipment. It’s a battle between metal and the process of oxidation. Corrosion. It’s no joke. Rather, it’s a constant scourge that must be met with the best corrosion control technology available. Otherwise, equipment and vehicles degrade in years instead of decades, and your bottom line suffers. It’s one thing to talk in generalities. But let’s get more specific. What, exactly, is the economic impact of corrosion?

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Protect Busses and Railcars from Vandalism & the Elements with Transhield Covers

November 29, 2017

The residents of cities and towns across America depend on reliable public transportation to get them to and from work and school every day. Since municipal budgets are tighter than ever, railcars and busses need to last years, if not decades. Therefore, it’s important to protect these valuable assets from being damaged by the elements and vandalism. Equipment covers can make a huge difference in keeping these vehicles looking their best and operating reliably.

Most busses and railcars are designed and manufactured to withstand rain, ice, and snow by using protective finishes. However, gravel and rocks can pit and damage those coatings, allowing the underlying metal in the undercarriage, chassis, and bumpers to be exposed to the elements. This leaves the vehicles vulnerable to attack from pollution, salt, and other harsh de-icing compounds such as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. The corrosion process doesn’t stop when vehicles are stored but continues unabated.

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A Time of Tradition and Thanks

November 22, 2017

Even before George Washington declared the first nationwide celebration of the holiday, Thanksgiving was a day rich with tradition and history.[1] From its origins as a harvest festival at Plymouth Rock, to the dining room tables creaking under the weight of all those mashed potatoes in America today, Thanksgiving is a time of year to take a moment and be grateful for the people in your life. As a company that relies on, and values, its many employees, Transhield wants to take a moment to reflect on the bountiful traditions Thanksgiving brings, and give thanks for the men and women that work every day to make us industry leaders.

In a time when many Americans feel distant from fellow citizens, Thanksgiving is a timely and wonderful reminder of how close our roots are. Harvest festivals have been celebrations in nearly every major human civilization for thousands of years.[2] So in a way, to celebrate Thanksgiving, or any harvest festival, is to be human.

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Protecting Your Business as Natural Disasters Increase

November 08, 2017

In today’s business world, randomness and uncertainty due to traumatic weather phenomena are playing ever increasing roles in the success or failure of businesses. Weather disasters rank among some of the most difficult situations for businesses to carry on through. This is because, aside from the long term destruction following a natural disaster, they are virtually impossible to prepare for. Preparation to the best possible level is paramount for a business to survive the next hurricane or wildfire, and sometimes something as simple as a cover can save the valuable equipment necessary to keep a company up and running.

In addition to the stresses and rigors of just running a business, it is more important than ever before to have a plan for natural disasters. The impact of any natural disaster can be huge, even devastating, and can be fatal for many establishments. In fact, according to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, roughly one-fourth of companies do not reopen after a major disaster.

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A Healthy Office is a Happy Office

November 01, 2017

A productive, energetic company is one in which employees never feel as if they just show up, put in their time, and go home. Instead, the companies that succeed in building a team environment are those who take a vested interest in improving the lives of their workforce. While company-wide events and happy hours are certainly good ways to boost morale temporarily, offering opportunities for engaging health initiatives is one of the best long-term investments a business can make in their employees.

A healthier workforce produces a wide range of benefits for all parties involved. Not only does good physical health lead to fewer absences and a reduction in health insurance costs, but it also results in better mental health. Healthy employees have been shown to be happier than comparative groups without health initiatives in place. If you’ve ever gone running in the hour before work, you know this is true. Living an active and energetic lifestyle allows you to show the same presence and interest at work.

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Customers Continue to Choose Transhield for Outstanding Customer Service

October 12, 2017

In a recent blog post, Transhield searched for the reason why customers value their B2B relationships. The results showed that customers are more likely to refer a product or service to their peers when they receive great customer service. Heinz Marketing reported that nearly 84% of B2B buyers begin their process with a referral, so the connection between providing great customer service and increased business is clear.

Keeping these comments and statistics in mind, we decided to interview Mazak Corp. to gain even more insight into why customers keep referring. Working with advanced CNC machining solutions that include multi-tasking, 5-axis, milling, and both CNC controls and automation, Mazak has earned its sterling industry reputation with a global workforce topping 8,000.

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Keeping You Covered: Military Covers Effective for Longer Equipment Life

October 02, 2017

You cannot drive just anything on the dangerous roads of Iraq and Afghanistan—and the cost of military personnel transportation is hardly inexpensive. While the Humvee, the military’s former workhorse, was $70,000, the modified, “up-armored,” version costs from $160,000 to $220,000. And since "This modern Up-Armored HMMWV (UAH), however, still does not fully meet the evolving mobility or protection requirements of our soldiers," according to a report, released by the Army, we can only expect the cost of such vehicles to increase.

The military invests in each vehicle with the assumption that it will last 20 years. It is expected that they will be well-maintained throughout that period, and covering them should be a part of that maintenance routine.

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