Reduce Vehicle Damage During Transportation with Transhield

September 21, 2017

It’s sometimes hard to imagine everything a vehicle must go through to make it from the factory floor to the dealership. Dealers order specific vehicles from each production plant, and the correct vehicles must be properly routed through multiple channels for a timely and damage-free delivery. At the very least, vehicles will have to be transported by truck, probably by train as well, and perhaps even by ship. This puts vehicles at risk for damage due to outdoor elements and road hazards such as rocks, salt, dirt, and bugs.

To avoid harm to vehicles, it is common practice to cover them to protect their exterior from becoming dirty, dented, or scratched. These protective coverings have been applied since the early 1990’s as protection against acid rain. While covering is better than doing nothing, it is also important that the cover itself does not cause damage. Shrink film alone can leave etch marks and oils that must be cleaned at the dealer level. In addition, it does not always protect against flying rock chips or other road debris. 

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Outstanding Customer Service is the Number One Reason Customers Choose Transhield

August 30, 2017

According to Yahoo Small Business, 30-40% of B2B customers offer referrals, but only if their experience was a pleasant one. Potential customers look to their peers for input on upcoming major purchases, taking their advice very seriously. That makes referrals a great way to educate prospective customers and route them your way. If the experience with your company is a positive one, that prospective buyer will become more than just a satisfied customer, but a repeat buyer who then refers you to others. At Transhield, we are very proud to say that our sales and customer service is the top reason customers not only choose us, but choose to refer us.

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A Case for Protective Covers in the Military

As one who served in the military for 30 years in a very maintenance intensive field (Artillery), and as someone who has also been involved in providing protective cover solutions for the military for over a decade, it was very gratifying to review the U.S. Army’s comprehensive business case analysis on the use of equipment covers for Army ground systems.

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Keep Corrosion—and the FAA—at Bay

August 10, 2017 in Corrosion Prevention

Operators of CFM-56-3, -3B, and -3C variable stator vane (VSV) bores have until August 2018 to start an inspection process to help detect corrosion. This mandate was recently issued by the federal aviation administration (FAA); now the aviation industry is even more attentive than usual to this enemy of aircraft. As MRO-Network reports:

"Corrosion has been found on the inside of the high-pressure compressor (HPC) case around the VSV bores resulting in binding, sticking, and seizure of the VSVs during engine operation,” CFM Int'l explains in the service bulletin, issued in April 2016 and updated in November, that FAA used to craft its directive. "The VSV system actuation check will aid operators in the early detection of excessive corrosion build-up on the inside of the compressor case and around the VSV bores.”

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To Cover Is Human: To Cover Expertly Is Divine

July 20, 2017

Human beings are intuitively protective. Our survival as a species demands it. One manifestation of our protective urges is the habit of covering items that we perceive as “at risk for exposure.” Think umbrellas, hard hats, car ports, and baby bonnets. We want to care for ourselves and our belongings; we cover things because we’re human, and wearing clothes is an exclusively human quality.

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Protective Cover Testing

July 17, 2017

Transhield protective coverings utilize advanced proprietary technology to safeguard heavy machinery and critical assets from corrosion and the punishing elements, keeping them mission-ready. To ensure the highest level of quality and durability, we conduct 19 rigorous tests on each roll of our Marine, VCI, XT and Armordillo fabrics. By passing these tests, our materials prove they are capable of delivering reliable protection against extreme conditions, and worthy of the name Transhield.

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July Fourth—Why All the Fireworks?

June 29, 2017

For over 240 years, Americans have celebrated Independence Day with barbecues, picnics, parades, and some impressive fireworks. All those explosions, which usually send Fido scurrying for safety under the bed, replicate the reaction of our country's first troops who, upon hearing the Declaration of Independence, repeatedly fired their cannons and guns in celebration.

 By 1776, soldiers of the thirteen colonies had already skirmished numerous times with King George III's red-coated troops. The problems with the king were numerous, but the primary irritant to the colonists was simple: they were subject to taxation without representation. The Crown taxed their goods, often egregiously, but the colonies had no representatives in the English Parliament. King George viewed the colonies as a cash cow and enforced his edicts with bloody resolve. The colonists were tired of it, and even though it was rebellious to the Crown, the colonists formed the Continental Congress with the purpose of expediting separation from England. 

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Maximum Protection Against Mother Nature

May 25, 2017

The greatest threat to military assets -- Mother Nature. Transhield protective covers utilize cutting-edge technology to safeguard critical investments against the elements. The smart fabric provides a barrier against heat, moisture, and contaminant infiltration and prevents corrosion by up to 95%. Nature can assault equipment in many ways, but Transhield covers provide effective protection against all causes of degradation.

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Why Mushrooms Represent a New Approach to Packaging

May 23, 2017

Innovation is more than a word to drive marketing campaigns. It speaks to our ability to use human creativity to improve the world around us. In everything from improving the vehicles we drive to the smart-devices prevalent in our lives, innovation drives us towards a better future. Take, for example, the TEDTalk given by Eben Bayer in which he shows how recent developments have allowed us to use mushrooms to improve packaging materials.

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Be Sure to Visit Transhield at WINDPOWER 2017!

May 11, 2017 in News

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is holding the largest wind energy trade show in North America in a couple of weeks, and Transhield is proud to be part of it. WINDPOWER 2017 will be held May 22-25 in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Center. It’s a chance for movers and shakers in this innovative industry to network, attend education sessions, and visit with those at the forefront of this cutting-edge field.

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