The Benefits of Transhield Shrink Wrap Covers for Boat Manufacturers

A boat is a significant purchase for anyone. But imagine the reaction when a newly purchased boat arrives at the dealership scuffed and dirty due to improper shipping wrap.

Bob Phillips, Sales Engineer, Transhield, and Bob vanVollenhoven, VP, Sales and Marketing, Stingray Boats, understand the personal nature of a boat purchase. Their mission is to ensure a customer’s boat purchase arrives in mint condition every time.

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4 Benefits of Digitally Designing your Protective Covers

The benefits of protective shipping and storage packaging for critical machine and equipment assets is well-known – they extend the life of those assets, cut back on maintenance costs and the cost of buying new equipment, and fight back against the destructive elements that can wreak havoc on a manufacturer’s operation

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Are VCIs Dangerous?

Machinery and other corrosion-prone equipment are some of the most valuable commodities transported in the United States. In 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Freight Facts and Figures, the machinery and miscellaneous manufactured products combined had a value of $1.8 trillion.  Machinery, electronics, and motorized vehicles were the top three categories, in that order.

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Why Does Your Protective Cover Need Vents?

Why Cover Vents are Critical for Protecting Your Assets

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Radio Frequency Shielding Protective Covers -- Mission Ready

April 09, 2020 in Protective Covers

Threat: The U.S. DOD faces an ever increasing and threatening tactical environment in which various parties
are using the Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum to interrogate and potentially affect the functioning of high
value systems. Active electronic interrogation, jamming, cyber induced electronic warfare, and geometry to
performance determination are all current threats that must be considered when protecting exposed high value defense assets.

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Podcast: Transhield's New RF Shielding Covers and their Impact in the World of Cyber Warfare

March 19, 2020 in Protective Covers
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What Makes Transhield Covers Reusable?

March 05, 2020 in Protective Covers

Many times, people associate Transhield’s 3-10 mil. protective boat and industrial covers with standard shrink wrap. This of course is understandable since Transhield and shrink wrap are normally white, have a form-fitted look when applied, and are probably zooming down the highway on the back of a flatbed when you see them.

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Electromagnetic Interference Management: Use VCI Enhanced Protective Covers

February 20, 2020 in VCI Technology, Protective Covers

Practical Solution: There is an easy to implement, preventative solution for intermodulation interference that employs chemistry: advanced protective covers made from vapor corrosion inhibitor enhanced materials.

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5 Elements that Degrade your Equipment-Assets and How to Stop Them

Keeping your equipment protected from all the elements during shipping and storage isn’t an easy task. But, which of mother nature’s elements are the MOST harmful to your equipment? Great question! Knowing the answer can save you time and money when deciding how to protect your assets during storage, down-time, and transportation.

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Exploring Innovative Ideas and New Concepts in Concrete

February 11, 2020
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Transhield is the maker of custom protective coverings for the industrial, marine, military, automotive, and wind energy markets. Our corporate offices are located in Elkhart, Indiana where we design and render custom covers as well as engineer and test new fabric formulas in our state-of-the-art laboratory.


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