U.S. Army Ground Systems: A Business Case Analysis for Equipment Covers

June 14, 2019 in Protective Covers, Case Study

The U.S. Army (Active, National Guard and Reserve) experiences reduced readiness rates and increased
corrective maintenance actions - as much as four times higher in areas of high temperature, high humidity and high salinity. In order to objectively quantify the problem, the Army Corrosion Control and Prevention Executive directed preparation of a Business Case Analysis (BCA).

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What is Water Vapor Transmission Rate?

June 05, 2019 in Breathable Cover


What is water vapor transmission rate?

Water vapor transmission rate (WVTR), or moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), is the rate at which water molecules permeate through a barrier substance.

Where is Water Vapor Transmission used?

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Creating a Safer Jobsite With your Concrete Curing Cover

May 10, 2019 in News

Concrete Curing Covers and Jobsite Safety

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Florida National Guard Test - Why Use A VCI Fitted Cover?

May 07, 2019 in Case Study

In 2013, at the request of the Florida National Guard, a Satellite Transportable Terminal (STT) was protected by a Transhield XT advanced protective cover with Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) at a Florida National Guard base in Jacksonville, FL. Paired coupons were employed inside and outside the cover to assess the level of protection provided to the asset. Some stand-alone coupons were also employed.

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Industrial and Personal Heat-Gun Buying Guide

April 25, 2019


Industrial and Personal Heat-Gun Buying Guide

The heat tool you use for your production facility or personal project can seem like a commodity item. The market is crowded with hundreds of heat guns and torch tools that claim to be the best. This can make picking the right tool for your specific application seem more complicated than it needs to be.

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Protective Covers and HVAC Equipment

April 08, 2019 in Protective Covers

A Business Case: Protective Covers and HVAC Equipment

 Protecting HVAC equipment from the elements is a challenge, particularly when it comes to transporting big-ticket equipment and ensuring it arrives in perfect condition. Customers pay a high price for these units and expect them to arrive in pristine, factory-fresh condition. However, while in storage or in transit, there are a number of elements that will cause damage to HVAC systems, including corrosion, moisture, sun, snow, dust, road grime, rodents, and scratching.  

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XT Graphic

April 04, 2019

From one extreme to another, Transhield XT Covers are made to withstand intense environments to keep your equipment protected. Our custom fit XT covers have a high moisture removal rate with a smooth exterior to shed water and snow. The soft interior makes installation easy and contains patented VCI technology that disrupts the electro-chemical reaction that causes corrosion. By emitting VCI in vapor form and bonding to the equipment’s metal surface, our XT covers are able to reduce corrosion by 85-95%. Proudly made in the U.S.A., all XT covers excel in day to day on/off use. Heavy-duty. Anti-corrosion. Custom-fit. Transhield provides ultimate equipment protection.

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Previewing Transhield’s Spring 2019 Trade Show Calendar

March 12, 2019 in News

The trade show is a tried-and-true method for networking in almost every industry. It allows organizations to connect with potential partners in a space that is professional and personal. Transhield commits to attend a wide variety of trade shows to keep abreast of trends across the numerous industries of its highly diverse customer base. In fact, Transhield will attend nine shows this spring alone, spanning military and marine to industrial and aviation. Let’s take a brief look at the details of these shows.

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Cover Customization: Better Protection and More Convenience

March 07, 2019 in Protective Covers

When it comes to protecting heavy equipment—whether during transportation or storage—many companies rely on simple one-size-fits-all covers, tarps and shrink wrap. While these may keep out the rain and snow, such covers are rarely form-fitting, meaning they have gaps and even openings through which rodents, dust, water, and other damaging elements can enter.

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Transhield - The Shrinkable Fabric® Provides Eco-Friendly Protection

March 05, 2019

A growing number of manufacturers are realizing substantial financial and environmental benefits by adopting sustainable business practices. Sustainable manufacturing helps minimize a company’s negative impact on the environment while conserving energy and natural resources, along with reducing costs and cutting waste. In their ongoing efforts at shifting processes and products to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, Transhield has successfully trialed a revolutionary system to recycle their groundbreaking Transhield Shrinkable Fabric®.

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