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As a leader in protective covering solutions, we want to provide you with the latest industy insights, tips, and trends. Browse through these blog posts to discover all the ways we’re improving your options for protecting your equipment, products, and more.

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5 Elements that Degrade your Equipment-Assets and How to Stop Them

Nature is a wild place for equipment-assets. Rain, road debris, UV rays, among other elements, will wreak havoc on the finish of your equipment -- causing corrosion, structural damage, and cosmetic damage. Prevention measures can be put in place such as a protective cover, and scheduled cleanings.

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Exploring Innovative Ideas and New Concepts in Concrete

Rocky Geans, president of L.L. Geans Construction, discusses innovative ideas and new concepts in concrete, how they are affecting business, and how he implements new ideas and practices with employees.

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Prevention of Corrosion in Electronic Devices Use Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Enhanced Protective Covers

Preventing corrosion in electronic devices can be achieved through VCI chemistry implemented into protective covers. A vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) is a chemical substance, or combination thereof, which prevents or significantly reduces the onset of corrosion.

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Patenting: A How-To on Protecting Innovative Ideas

Seckin Ozol, V.P. of Engineering R&D at Transhield, shares his experience in patenting new products and processes for Transhield.

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Access to Notre Dame’s Material’s Characterization Facility Increases Transhield’s Fabric Testing Capabilities

Transhield, in an agreement with the University of Notre Dame, will now have access to the Materials Characterization Facility which will increase the testing capability of Transhield fabrics.

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10 Easy Steps to Install ArmorDillo Cover on MK-93

Transhield Protective Covers are made in the USA, for equipment that protects the USA. This is a helpful guide for installing our ArmorDillo cover on an MK 93 gun.

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Protecting Cargo During the Last Mile for the First Impression

Matt Peat, executive vice president of sales at Transhield, discusses the capabilities and advantages of Transhield's Advanced Protective Cover Technology for equipment manufacturers.

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Historical Development of VCI Fitted Covers

Early mentions of VCI go back to World War II, in a review by Baker and Zisman. The review found equipment losses were appalling, and the discovery that paper, cardboard, cloth, and other packaging materials can be impregnated with nitrite-based corrosion inhibitors and used for either shipment or storage of equipment.

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Why Use a VCI Fitted Cover? U.S. Army Reserve Test

In 2017, at the request of the United States Army Reserve G-4, an MEP-803A generator and an HMMWV-1097R1 were each protected by a Transhield XT advanced protective cover with vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI) at an Army Reserve base in Orlando, FL.

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What is 3D Modeling and Design? A Beginners Guide to 3D

What is 3D Modeling and Design? A Beginners Guide to 3D - Transhield highlight the tools a beginner needs to start 3D modeling.

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