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Prevention of Corrosion in Electronic Devices Use Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Enhanced Protective Covers

There is an easy to implement, preventative solution for corrosion of electronic devices that employs chemistry: covers made from VCI enhanced materials.

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Patenting: A How-To on Protecting Innovative Ideas

Seckin Ozol, V.P. of Engineering R&D at Transhield, shares his experience in patenting new products and processes for Transhield.

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Access to Notre Dame’s Material’s Characterization Facility Increases Transhield’s Fabric Testing Capabilities

Transhield will now have access to the Materials Characterization Facility which will increase the testing capability of Transhield fabrics.

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10 Easy Steps to Install ArmorDillo Cover on MK-93

Transhield Protective Covers are made in the USA, for equipment that protects the USA. This is a guide for installing our ArmorDillo cover on an MK 93 gun.

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Protecting Cargo During the Last Mile for the First Impression

Matt Peat discusses the capabilities and advantages of Transhield's Advanced Protective Cover Technology for equipment manufacturers.

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Historical Development of VCI Fitted Covers

Almost 20 years ago, the U.S. Navy funded the development of advanced protective covers with VCI technology.

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Why Use a VCI Fitted Cover? U.S. Army Reserve Test

An MEP-803A generator and an HMMWV-1097R1 were protected by a Transhield XT advanced protective cover with vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI).

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What is 3D Modeling and Design? A Beginners Guide to 3D

We highlight the tools, software and technology you need to start 3D modeling.

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Using Hollywood CGI Technology to Create Perfect Protective Coverings

Bob Coulter sat down with MarketScale Technology to reveal how the company utilizes CGI software to create perfect-fitting covers.

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Top 5 Causes of Severe Injuries on Construction Job Sites

Transhield: Inspired by Worker Safety

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