U.S. Army Ground Systems: A Business Case Analysis for Equipment Covers

June 14, 2019 in Protective Covers, Case Study

The U.S. Army (Active, National Guard and Reserve) experiences reduced readiness rates and increased
corrective maintenance actions - as much as four times higher in areas of high temperature, high humidity and high salinity. In order to objectively quantify the problem, the Army Corrosion Control and Prevention Executive directed preparation of a Business Case Analysis (BCA).

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Topics: Protective Covers, Case Study

Florida National Guard Test - Why Use A VCI Fitted Cover?

May 07, 2019 in Case Study

In 2013, at the request of the Florida National Guard, a Satellite Transportable Terminal (STT) was protected by a Transhield XT advanced protective cover with Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) at a Florida National Guard base in Jacksonville, FL. Paired coupons were employed inside and outside the cover to assess the level of protection provided to the asset. Some stand-alone coupons were also employed.

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Transhield Case Study: Responsive Customer Service

May 12, 2016 in Case Study

A customer in the industrial manufacturing industry needed a quick solution in order to avoid a $3 million dollar late delivery fee on the sale of two $7 million dollar jet engines. The engines were scheduled to ship by sea to the Middle East. Corrosion forming on the engine was a major concern. If the engines arrived with corrosion on them, they could be deemed unusable by industry standards.

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