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What is 3D Modeling and Design? A Beginners Guide to 3D

We highlight the tools, software and technology you need to start 3D modeling.

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Using Hollywood CGI Technology to Create Perfect Protective Coverings

Bob Coulter sat down with MarketScale Technology to reveal how the company utilizes CGI software to create perfect-fitting covers.

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Top 5 Causes of Severe Injuries on Construction Job Sites

Transhield: Inspired by Worker Safety

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A Helpful Guide for Finding the Best Equipment Protection Solution

Every piece of equipment is different, so be sure to fully understand your asset’s vulnerabilities before deciding which option is best.

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U.S. Army Ground Systems: A Business Analysis for Equipment Covers

The U.S. Army evaluated cost effectiveness of equipment covers against other corrosion prevention and control solutions.

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Protective Covers and HVAC Equipment

Transhield provides solutions to help protect HVAC equipment of all sizes from costly damage and corrosion.

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Cover Customization: Better Protection and More Convenience

When protecting heavy equipment customizable covers can include flaps, ropes, buckles, hook and loop, and zippers.

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Transhield Attends WOC: Technology Trends Impacting the Concrete Industry

Transhield had a great time exhibiting thier revolutionary equipment protection solutions and concrete curing cover, TopCure, at World of Concrete 2019.

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Innovative Transport Cover Company Provides Proprietary Repair Kit

As China has imposed new import restrictions impacting recyclers, Transhield has embraced a new approach: repairing materials instead of replacing them.

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How to Prevent Equipment Damage

Reliance on heavy machinery equipment and damage to them can be a major expense. It is important to ensure proper maintenance and protection.

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