Packaging Best Practices for Modular Pod Units during Shipping and Storage

If you’re a prefabricated (prefab), modular construction manufacturer, or any kind of factory-built home manufacturer, you know the challenges that come with preparing your pre-built units for flatbed transportation and storage. The packaging step in your production process can often seem like a nuisance, but you know it’s imperative. Failing to properly protect your newly manufactured modules can lead to a damaged product, warranty claim, dissatisfied customer, or worse, a lost customer and lost revenue.

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The Benefits of Transhield Shrink Wrap Covers for Boat Manufacturers

A boat is a significant purchase for anyone. But imagine the reaction when a newly purchased boat arrives at the dealership scuffed and dirty due to improper shipping wrap.

Bob Phillips, Sales Engineer, Transhield, and Bob vanVollenhoven, VP, Sales and Marketing, Stingray Boats, understand the personal nature of a boat purchase. Their mission is to ensure a customer’s boat purchase arrives in mint condition every time.

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4 Benefits of Digitally Designing your Protective Covers

The benefits of protective shipping and storage packaging for critical machine and equipment assets is well-known – they extend the life of those assets, cut back on maintenance costs and the cost of buying new equipment, and fight back against the destructive elements that can wreak havoc on a manufacturer’s operation

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