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Historical Development of VCI Fitted Covers

Early mentions of VCI go back to World War II, in a review by Baker and Zisman. The review found equipment losses were appalling, and the discovery that paper, cardboard, cloth, and other packaging materials can be impregnated with nitrite-based corrosion inhibitors and used for either shipment or storage of equipment.

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Why Use a VCI Fitted Cover? U.S. Army Reserve Test

In 2017, at the request of the United States Army Reserve G-4, an MEP-803A generator and an HMMWV-1097R1 were each protected by a Transhield XT advanced protective cover with vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI) at an Army Reserve base in Orlando, FL.

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Using Hollywood CGI Technology to Create Perfect Protective Coverings

Using Hollywood CGI Technology to Create Perfect Protective Coverings with Bob Coulter, director of data acquisition at Transhield.

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Exploring the Historical Development of VCI Fitted Covers for Military Applications

VCI technology for prolonged protection of military equipment. VCI protective covers reduce corrrosion.

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Protecting Your Investment

Transhield's Shrinkable Fabric protects heavy equipment during transportation. Its benefits are it is water resistant, VCI, anti-condensating and aerodynamic.

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How does Transhield VCI Technology Work?

What exactly are VCIs and how do they work at Transhield? The short answer is that it’s a combination of physics and chemistry.

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