Using Hollywood CGI Technology to Create Perfect Protective Coverings

The latest Avengers blockbuster movie and the hugely popular Fortnite video game series both use powerful software to create spectacular graphics and CGI so lifelike your eyes think it’s real. But deploying similar technology to create protective coverings might be even more unexpected. On today’s podcast, our very own Bob Coulter, director of data acquisitions & technology, sat down with MarketScale Transportation to reveal how his company utilizes CGI software to create perfect-fitting protective covers.

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Topics: Corrosion Prevention, VCI Technology, Protective Covers

Exploring the Historical Development of VCI Fitted Covers for Military Applications

March 15, 2017 in VCI Technology

Equipment losses were appalling in the early years of World War II.[1] This was primarily due to poor packaging for overseas shipping, which led to widespread corrosion. Fortunately, those trying to address the problem found that paper, cardboard, cloth, and other packaging materials could be impregnated with nitrite-based corrosion inhibitors and used for either shipment or storage of equipment. As such, VCIs have been extensively used by the U.S. Department of Defense since World War II, and the DoD includes VCIs in a military standard for packaging materials.

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Protecting Your Investment

November 02, 2016 in VCI Technology, Protective Covers

One of the biggest challenges in storage and transportation is protecting your equipment from damage by the elements. Whether you’re hauling a load of new vehicles or keeping your generator dry and running, you need an effective cover to protect your property. One of the most popular solutions is shrink wrap. While shrink wrap certainly has its place in the market and is useful for one-time applications, some manufacturers need a different option.

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How does Transhield VCI Technology Work?

One of the main ingredients in Transhield’s anti-corrosion protective covers are vapor corrosion inhibitors, or as we like to call them, VCIs. Transhield’s patented VCI technology is a key component for reducing corrosion by up to 85 - 95% as compared to a standard tarp made out of vinyl or canvas. But what exactly are VCIs and how do they work? The short answer is that it’s a combination of physics and chemistry.

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Topics: Corrosion Prevention, VCI Technology, Protective Covers



Transhield is the maker of custom protective coverings for the industrial, marine, military, automotive, and wind energy markets. Our corporate offices are located in Elkhart, Indiana where we design and render custom covers as well as engineer and test new fabric formulas in our state-of-the-art laboratory.


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