Cover case study for the MK 38 Mod 3

Transhield Cover Case Study: The MK 38 Mod 3

October 26, 2020 / in Protective Covers, Case Study, Transhield / by Matt Robbins

The U.S. Navy’s Mk 38 Mod 3 Gun Weapon System is a stabilized self-defense weapon that dramatically improves ships’ self-defense capabilities. The system is equipped with both the 25mm M242 Bushmaster main gun and an option for a coaxially mounted 7.62mm Mk 52 Mod 0 automatic chain gun to cover all mission needs. 

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How we covered it 
For this cover we used our ArmorDillo® anti-corrosion fabric for heavy duty protection while at sea. The cover-fabric is waterproof, 99.9% UV ray blocking, and provides a vapor corrosion inhibitor barrier on the
equipment that protects it from corrosion up to 95%.
The cover is a 3-piece set with:
    • removable optics cover
    • removable barrel sleeve
    • removable body cover
    • easy to install and remove

MK38 MOD 3_arrowaThe removable optics cover allows the ship to keep the gun components protected while conducting surveillance in non-firing situations. The removable barrel sleeve allows for ease of maintenance on the barrel without removing the entire cover.


The Transhield ArmorDillo cover protects the Mk 38 Mod 3 Gun Weapon System from the harsh environments at sea including salt spray, dirt and grime, wind, and sun damage. The result for U.S. Navy ships has been a weapon system that’s mission ready when needed and requires less maintenance and corrosion-mitigation time.

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Matt Robbins is  a 26-year veteran of the US Navy, Matt spent most of his career serving aboard surface combat vessels as a fire controlman and electronic weapon system technician. He now leads Transhield's sales efforts to the US Navy on the west coast.


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